The Learning Management System

On-line Record Management & Data Storage

Your employees will access Foodservice Training Portal courseware, whether custom or ready-to-use, via our Enterprise-class Learning Management System. The LMS serves as a gateway to the training information, but also as a posting source for news and resources you want to share with your employees.

The LMS allows you and your management staff, with the Master Administrative User ID, to monitor all student interaction with your courses/tutorials. The information is grouped by location for ease and clarity when viewing training statistics. Generate reports, download specific training data and keep your finger on all of your organization's training progress.


The Foodservice Training Portal offers an innovative record management and data warehousing system. When an employee completes training and a graded quiz from any location, their training information (name, store number, date, score on quiz) is reported to your on-line university. 


Using the same initial on-line port of entry as the student, executive and managerial staff enter a corporate password that provides them access to all employee training information and corporate education records. The LMS allows for multiple types of report generation, such as aggregate compilation of information and the ability to analyze specific locations. The LMS is maintained by secure servers and provides your company with a protected, verifiable record of training and education.

With the Foodservice Training Portal LMS, we offer our customers:

  • 24/7 information monitoring
  • Firewall, data encryption and physical security
  • Uninterruptible, redundant power supply
  • Redundant connections to the Internet backbone
  • Managed, RAID-level storage
  • On-line backup services
  • Continuous performance monitoring and diagnostic analysis of application performance

Our Learning Management System provides organization of training information- valuable whether you have 1 or 1,000 locations.


Screen shots from the Learning Management System:


Employee & Executive Login Screen




Student Transcript



Location Transcript (displaying course enrollment, start/finish times, quiz score):




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